I have heard from many entrepreneurs that they feel sceptical about the solution they receive from their vendors. There is always a gap that needs to be bridged between the design expectation and the end product that’s been delivered.

Most of the business firms suffer the outcome of building up the inappropriate solution advised by their vendors. This had become common these days, at least in our country. Where the consumer is misled about the brand or the brand itself faces a failure in the hands of people who build it.

Ends that are never meet

Design is often framed as a sophisticated solution that perfectly satisfies a set of constraints. But in real-time especially when it comes to working with clients or different teams – these constraints are rarely addressed.

Boundaries are hardly clear, and transparent, especially when it comes to consulting, design often stretches into irrelevant directions.

Where the mistakes originate

Case one, the clients interfere in every aspect of what the design team is supposed to be doing. With the very little knowledge the clients own, they dictate the experts on every move where the real transformation is under siege. Simply give them your expectation and let the experts do their job.

And on another case, they right away hire the incompetent team. Though your aspiration is huge, when in wrong hands what could be delivered to the market is highly questionable.

Has your vendor ever raised a question about your business objectives and the purpose of the service or solution you are looking out for? Why would you count on a team to take care of your brand communication who haven’t even understood the objective?

Better to work as a cohesive team

With extensive brainstorming with clients and teams, we were able to create a breakthrough. One of my most valuable lessons in design consulting was the importance of understanding our clients’ needs.

“ To arrive at the most appropriate solution one must first Listen to their clients’ thoughts and opinions. ”

Rushing the early discovery phase

Finding a right design partner could be the most effective way to reduce costs and cut complexity in a business. It is essential to realise with whom you have partnered to build your brand, who can

  • Immerse into your business vision and take accountability.
  • Who can deliver solution and not just the service.
  • Be able to present you the big picture of their solution.
  • Picturise the data, analytics and strategy into a storyboard.
  • Be transparent enough to predict the outcome.
  • Endures short and long-term goals for your brand.
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