User experience should be one of the highest preferences in startups right now, but I still don’t see it happening around. Entrepreneur focuses on building a product that just works while marketing executives try to build a story around it, but where is the user experience strategy which is highly influential to drive results. Good customer experiences don’t occur by accident but only through a good design.

“Today’s customers demand more than just a good product;”

In most of the cases, I could sense a reluctance among the business heads about the design investments that we recommend them to take. Businesses have always been more successful those that have the product designed well and for people, and not just for the benefits. Organisations will succeed those that put human-centric design at the top of the list, enabling them to truly understand their customer needs and expectations. Design thinking will not only help you meet those requirements but also to exceed them.

“The most reputable company in the world places design at the centre of everything it takes.”

The potential of design thinking knows no boundaries. Its innovative and creative approach has been incorporated into a wide range of industries from healthcare, humanitarian, education, banking, retail and government. Regardless of the industry, tomorrow’s organisations will need to apply tools from the world of design and think like designers, but with a strong devotion to human behaviour, if they are to keep ahead.

“Human centred design is becoming not just important to an organisation’s success, but absolutely essential.”

Design continues to evolve and win every time. What customer-centric meant and how products and services were developed even a few years ago are different to the way we think about it now. And it will be different again in coming years. And while it is impossible to predict exactly how the design will look in the future, there’s no doubt the focus will continue to shine firmly on the customer experience.

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