People often come to Wings Studio and ask what is the privilege of a custom website and what does that really mean?

After all, as long as you have a functional website, it can’t matter that much what it looks like, right? Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case.

It is wholly about being unique. It takes deep insights and design expertise towards a business and its audience to build a website, a damn custom website. But we do also recognize it as personalised, here is why – any design should be personalised to your business and customised to the solution.

Custom web designs are something that is exclusively made for an individual business model and based on its vertical. Exhibiting your company is completely reliable on what you offer to your customers, which can never be achieved through templates or any pre-packaged graphics.

“Website templates or any pre-packaged graphics are not going to help stands out from the crowd.”

Builds your brand reputation

Your identity is important with regards to your company and so should be your website-the very place that shows your prospects why they should do business with you. A unique, custom/personalised web design can accurately reflect the essence of your business which in turn helps you to get ahead of the competition.

Today’s consumer is tech savvy

Today’s sophisticated visitors won’t give your website a second glance if the interface is designed on the cheap. A free or stock website will lack goal-driven design, resulting in a confusing impotent experience for your customers.

It could be your sales tool

Having a professional and appealing website is absolutely essential in our competitive and highly saturated business environment. This will ensure your clients, that they are equipped with an appropriate impression of who you are which could in return make them invest in your products and services.

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